Neighbors Near and Far

Over the course of last year, we had almost 1,300 individuals come to love their neighbors in Portland through various events and programs. We believe it’s very important to not only love on our community but also our neighbors from Louisville and afar that come to Portland to volunteer with us.

There are many opportunities to love this community. Let us know areas that you’d like to help out with or what your passion is and we can connect you with a project. Just send an e-mail with your interests and contact information to or fill out the form.


In many situations, spending time with someone can show love. There are plenty of ways that your time could be helpful here, whether it’s for a couple of hours helping to clean an alley, or volunteering to coach a team in our basketball league a few nights a week.


We try to match people’s skill set with ways to show love in the neighborhood. If you have a talent and want to share it, we can nd a way to make that happen. Many of our programs were started by volunteers who wanted to come share their talents with the community.


While operationally we are self-sustainable, we still look to grassroots fundraising to cover the cost of programming. Money for program resources such as art supplies and basketballs come from those seeking to sow into the neighborhood financially.

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Current Opportunities

Gym Renovations

There’s still a lot that is left to be completed on our gym renovations!

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Amazon Smile

You can support Love City just by using Amazon Smile whenever you buy through the online retailer. Setup is easy! Just go to, search “Love City Inc 40212” and select “Love City Inc” from the search results. Then shop Amazon like you normally would at the same price you would normally pay and Amazon will donate a portion of the proceeds to Love City.” Just make sure to always shop through Amazon Smile.