Self-sustainability is a vital component to our mission at Love City. Our weekly Fish Fry serves multiple purposes within the Love City vision. It covers the operational costs of the building, as well as provides a place for neighbors to gather and enjoy fresh food and be in community with one another.

In addition to the Fish Fry, we have started several businesses that drive revenue that get’s poured back into the community while also providing skills training to our neighbors.

Fish Frydays

Our fish fry is year round every Friday from 12-8PM. We serve never-frozen white Atlantic cod as well as rolled oysters and several sides. The profits from the fish fry help pay for the day-to-day costs of the building such as electric, water, internet, trash, insurance, etc.

DWGOD Apparel

This apparel line gives our local creatives an opportunity to take a design and put it on a shirt, hat, or hoodie and then sell it. Check out our current line of clothing on our online store.